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P.O. Box 659, Winchester, Ontario.
Ottawa, Québec
K0C 2K0

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Tél. : 613 774-5180
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A few things about ...
Douglas Laing is a multi-disciplinary artist and artisan living in Winchester, Ontario. He operates a fine arts � graphic arts enterprise Douglas Laing, Arts & Letters.

With a keen interest in the beauty of every day things, he attempts to develop the experiential side of art, to tell stories, to engage the viewer with the work and apply their life experiences with the subject.

An emerging artist, Douglas has exhibited in the rural shows, and is beginning to show his work in the Ottawa-Carleton region. Among many life experiences as a woodworker, welder and technical writer, he received commercial art training at Sheridan College.

Douglas works out of Bancroft and Winchester chiefly, but can be found walking down local country lanes and paddling along shorelines. Please feel free to say hello. Commissions and suggestions are always welcomed.

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Produits et services

Hello and good 'morrow: welcome to the painting gallery. The paintings are organized into general categories.

Click on a category name to view the images in that category. The window refreshes to display small images of work in that category. Click an image to view specific information about a work.

Most of the paintings are five years old or less. From time-to-time, work is retired or otherwise culled from view. This was done to reduce the amount of visual noise and importantly for my web host, reduce disk space demand.

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