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New York Fries
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1100, Boulevard Maloney Ouest
Gatineau, Québec
J8T 6G3

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Tél. : 819-246-9599
Téléc. : 819-246-3702
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New York Fries is a privately owned, Canadian franchise founded by Jay Gould, president, and his brother Hal. Born in London, Ontario and raised in Brantford, the entrepreneurial brothers had partnered together to create the popular Cultures chain.

In 1983, while on a trip to New York City, the Gould's stopped into the South Street Seaport to search out "the best french fries" which they had learned of in a New York Times restaurant review. What they found was nothing short of amazing. Fresh, hot french Fries flying across the counter being received by a line up of anxious customers. These were no ordinary french fries. No mashed up re-constituted french fry wannabe's - New York Fries were fresh cut, made from real potatoes and served in generous portions, hot and crisp.

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Produits et services

Starting with a box of real, fresh russet Burbank potatoes, New York Fries are hand cut, in the store throughout the day, leaving the potato skin on. The potatoes are then cooked in non hydrogenated, Trans fat free sunflower oil, which is also low in saturated fat and cholesterol free. Our unique three stage cooking process is designed to seal in the flavour and nutrients of the potato and the results are a crispy lightly golden french fry. Each cup of New York Fries is cooked right when you order to ensure you get the best fries possible, hot and crisp on the outside, and fluffy like a baked potato on the inside. At New York Fries, we are committed to using only premium ingredients to make each cup of REAL. FRESH. FRIES.
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  • Gatineau
  • Ottawa
  • Canada
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